As you might already know, entering the vaping world may seem a little overwhelming with so many options to choose from. We are going to try to make you see from our point of view the main criteria that we follow when choosing a new vape so that it adapts to our personal needs and not the other way around.
The main reason = Battery life

The main cause of having to buy an new/superior electronic cigarette to the one we bought initially is that it’s battery life doesn’t last all day and it becomes a burden to our daily routine having to charge it every 7-8 hours of use (if you take your electronic cigarette to work 8 hours and then want to go out for dinner with your partner, there’s a high chance that you’ll have to charge it again before leaving). Always buy electronic cigarettes with a good built-in battery of at least 3000mA or take with you enough removable batteries to spare. Starter kits or basic kits work well, but it might be a better idea to forget about the “tiny cute ones” "and go for a “big and ugly one” to begin with that will eventually be more comfortable in your daily routine by not having to charge it so often (once you overcome your initial “ugliness” prejudice you will realize it’s the better option as you can worry less about running out of battery throughout the day). If you’re about to start with electronic cigarettes and you know that you smoke quite a bit, you should go for a device with a decent sized battery. At the end of the day, big devices aren’t much bigger than a pack of ciggies. POD system electronic cigarettes like the JUUL are now in trend, which for anyone who has been vaping for some time will know that they are like going back 10 years of evolution of electronic cigarettes and improvements. They're fine to toss in your jacket pocket and go out for dinner. But not as a comfortable everyday device because you will most likely have to charge it quite often, hindering our daily routine. Although there’s no accounting for taste!
The second = Power

The power of your electronic cigarette is important as each tank has specific power to be used at and it also allows you to adjust the intensity of the vapour depending on your personal needs. Also each tank must be used in the power range specified by the manufacturer. Suppose that the resistance of your tank ranges between 30W to 80W. If you want to buy a new tank with a range from 90W to 120W but your electronic cigarette only reaches up to 80W, it might have been smarter to buy the electronic cigarette that reached up to 120W instead of up to 80W since now you are going to be almost forced to buy a higher model with more power to use the latest 90W tank that you wanted so badly . Always buy devices with plenty of power (although you might not need it at first) to avoid having to buy a new one when you fall into the conclusion that yours falls short and end up spending twice as much.
The third = Comfort

It is useless to buy the latest megasupertrendy ecig if you are going to be shy about using it in public. Its best practice to choose one with a view to the future so that it doesn’t fall short or that you can’t buy spare parts for it after 3 months. But in the end, we must like it and it has to be comfortable to use for us. Most of the tanks coming out to market today have a sliding lid which facilitates the filling a lot by not having to unscrew the lid every time we want to fill it again. Always choose tanks or devices that are filled easily and comfortably since it is something you must do daily and even several times a day. If aesthetics is must for you then choose a smaller one, but keep in mind that these devices do not have large batteries or wide power ranges, which in the end is going to hinder your daily routine instead of improving it.
The fourth = Compatibility

As a rule of thumb, we don’t recommend buying electronic cigarettes of white label/no name brands as the spare parts may not be universally compatible with each other or you’ll find it hard to find coils and replacements for it anywhere. The threads are standardized worldwide to avoid these problems (but not on many no name brands). There are still some brands that want to swim against current and make their own system (forcing you to use only spare parts that you will have to buy from them). The threads of all the standardized tanks are known as 510 threads and they are the ones that allow you to screw a tank of one brand into the electronic cigarette of another without compatibility issues.
The last = Characteristics

There are so many variants of electronic cigarettes and systems used that it would be almost impossible to describe them all. In the end you must try or be recommended by someone who knows about the subject to see what is best suited to you. To name just a few: non-adjustable, adjustable, tube mods, box mods, with integrated tank, genesis systems, mechanical mods, squonkers/bottom feeders, etc, etc ... each one with its pros and cons and characteristics that make them unique. Whatever system you choose, we recommend you always look for devices with a wide power range, a good size battery or one with a removable battery to always have several charged with you and ready to swap round. Please don’t hesitate about asking any questions you have. We are always more than happy to set our customers on the right path :)